SecurePortal is a live security platform designed to improve the way you view and manage your Penetration Test results.


One Cutting-Edge Platform, All Your Testing & Vulnerability Data

Monitor Your Security

All your testing and vulnerability data in one place. Monitor your security across all tests and scans from SecurePortal.

Reduce Time & Resources

SecurePortal provides clients with a new way to monitor and analyse the data you receive in your penetration tests.

Stay Secure

SecurePortal eases the burden of your testing, allowing you to work more efficiently and remediate risks to your business.

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Digitalising Your Penetration Testing with SecurePortal

Make Your Testing Experience Easier with SecurePortal

SecurePortal provides clients with a new way to monitor and analyse the data you receive in your penetration tests. Rather than a lengthy physical report you gain a range of simple features that highlight your test findings and vulnerabilities.

Easily access remediation advice from our team of consultants on discovered vulnerabilities and assign them to your team for fast and efficient resolution. Receive overview and trend data of all of the current security issues you face in your organisation.

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Testing Made Simple

Faster Remediation. Limitless Testing. 
One Portal.

Live Vulnerability Dashboard

SecurePortal provides a single dashboard view of all of the vulnerabilities highlighted in our Penetration Testing Services across your infrastructure.

Receive overview and trend data of all of the current security issues you face in your organisation. Receive useful trend information such as the top vulnerable hosts, and the most common vulnerabilities within your infrastructure.

Helping you Manage your Vulnerabilities

Until now, the traditional deliverable from a Penetration Test engagement has been a lengthy report. This is usually provided in a PDF file format and can run into the hundreds of pages.

Pentest People have developed a solution to this issue where you interact with your vulnerabilities within the SecurePortal. This allows you to quickly search for vulnerabilities rather than scanning through a lengthy document.

Monitor Remediation Steps

With SecurePortal you can easily manage remediation steps between your team. Assign vulnerabilities to users and follow their process step-by-step, saving your team time and resources normally lost in traditional penetration testing methods.

Not only this but all vulnerabilities discovered have actionable advice from our team of security consultants, unique to your situation, rather than a generic info pulled from the web.

Live Vulnerability

Monitoring your security isn’t a one-time a year job, vulnerabilities and exploits are discovered daily. With SecurePortal you will always have vulnerability data as it is discovered, allowing you to remediate at a second’s notice, reducing any risk of your business being exploited.

Even if your test is finished we provide daily vulnerability scanning that will alert you of any medium to critical vulnerabilities as they are discovered.

Seamless Assessment Management

Our platform has always been designed with your needs in mind, offering a seamless navigation experience through your assessments. Each stage is presented clearly, ensuring you understand every aspect of the process. Our scoping section has been thoughtfully crafted to allow straightforward naming of assets and hostnames, providing a tailored approach that aligns with your business's recognition system.

Third Party Integrations Available

Experience seamless integration with third-party technologies like Jira, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Azure DevOps and more in SecurePortal! Effortlessly incorporate SecurePortal's data into your remediation workflow for enhanced efficiency. Automate tasks such as creating Jira tickets for critical vulnerabilities or sending Slack notifications when users are assigned to specific vulnerabilities. Elevate your security management with SecurePortal's advanced integration capabilities.

Critical Information When You Need it

At Pentest People, we've always held a commitment to providing you with an efficient and user-friendly experience. Our online report layout has been meticulously designed from the start to deliver critical information quickly and conveniently. This feature has always been an integral part of our service to ensure that you can focus on what matters most - safeguarding your digital environment.

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Manage Your Data in SecurePortal

Its Never Been Easier to Manage Your

Penetration Testing Results

Vulnerability Database With Information & Remediation Advice

Within SecurePortal you'll get key data regarding each vulnerability detected in your tests or scans along with first hand consultant remediation advice.

Vulnerability Timeline to Follow Your Security Improvements

Keep track of your active and remediated vulnerabilities with your vulnerability timeline, accessible from the dashboard. Which updates as your tests are performed and when you mark tasks as resolved. Giving you a clear picture of your security improvements.

Assign Vulnerabilities to The Relevant Team Members

Within SecurePortal you can assign vulnerabilities to the relevant team member who will be alerted in their own account with steps on how to fix the vulnerability.

Access to a Daily Updated Vulnerability Database

To allow SecurePortal to identify new and emerging vulnerabilities we have created a vast database of vulnerabilities, defining how they work, how they affect a business, how they can be exploited by an attacker and most importantly how they can be remediated.

This allows your business to identify vulnerabilities as they appear and also remediate them before any damage is done.

With SecurePortal You can Manage Vulnerability Scans For Infrastructure & Web Applications

Managed Infrastructure Scanning

Effortlessly access scan results from both external and internal Nessus scanners through our user-friendly portal. Visualise your security landscape with a comprehensive timeline and insightful trending information. Stay informed with real-time updates on new, resolved, and unresolved vulnerabilities since your last scan. Take control of your security with our advanced portal features.

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Managed Web App Scanning Available

SecurePortal introduces a new feature allowing users to conduct managed web app scanning directly from their dashboard. This cutting-edge feature revolutionises how businesses approach web application security, making it convenient, efficient, and robust.

With the rise of sophisticated cyber threats, automated scanning solutions like this are no longer a luxury but a necessity for organisations seeking to safeguard their digital assets.

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Global Vulnerabilities & Asset Views For PTaaS Silver

Introducing the enhanced PTaaS Silver licence level with new views for streamlined vulnerability and asset management.

The global vulnerabilities view provides a comprehensive consolidation of infrastructure and web application vulnerabilities across all assessments, highlighting those with publicly available exploits, and widgets showing a quick overview of remediation progress.

PTaaS Levels

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Frequently Asked 

How do I get access to SecurePortal?

All Pentest People PTaaS customers are provided with access to SecurePortal. As the portal is used for the sales process and the delivery process you will have already had access to the portal to retrieve your sales quotations and to complete your pre-requisite questionnaires.

How do I access SecurePortal?

SecurePortal can be accessed directly from or by clicking on the sign-in button on the Pentest People homepage.

What is the SecurePortal?

SecurePortal is a live security platform designed to improve the way you view and manage your Penetration Test results.