Understanding Incident Response

Kate Watson

Marketing Assistant


Listen to our Incident Response experts discuss what Incident Response is and why businesses must invest in and understand it. Below is a quick overview of what they will be talking about. For a more in-depth Incident Response overview, visit our IR blog.

What is Incident Response?

Incident response is the process of responding to and managing a security incident. It includes steps such as identification, containment, eradication, and recovery. Incident response teams are typically composed of individuals with expertise in specific fields related to information technology and computer security.

Why is it Essential for Businesses?

Today’s businesses depend on the secure operation of their computer systems and networks. Any unauthorised access or malicious activities can significantly impact data loss or theft, downtime, and reputational damage. Investing in incident response allows organisations to quickly identify, contain, and remediate security incidents before they cause significant harm.

The Expectations of Organisations of Having an IR Plan

Organisations should have an incident response plan in place to ensure the security of their systems and networks. The plan should outline the steps that need to be taken to quickly identify, contain, and remediate any security incidents. It should also include procedures for reporting the incident to relevant stakeholders, such as law enforcement and government agencies. Finally, it gives the business a good reputation, proving to suppliers and customers that it takes cyber security seriously.

Listen to our TechBite episode below, or for more information on IR, visit our page.

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