Red Team Assessments – The Fundamentals 1.3

Dave Benson

Infrastructure Tester

Dave is an Infrastructure tester here at Pentest People. Highly engaged in Social Engineering and Red team Assessments. Coming from an intelligence and special operations community, this consultant has great first-hand knowledge of the techniques used in these services.

Red Team Assessments – The Fundamentals 1.3

The final part of this mini Red Team blog series discusses the benefits a Red Team Assessment will bring to your organisation.

A security test of any sort is ultimately designed to see how your business can mitigate and learn from any issues found. Yes, compliance can come into this and passing and failing a test is a factor but creating a strong infrastructure to protect the business and customer interests is the key factor here.

Red Team engagements bring a multitude of benefits to your business due to the fact the Red Team framework on which an engagement is based, can test a wide area of your business. The consultants conducting the engagement will look at all avenues available to them to compromise networks and reach the defined goals, this will test how the business detects and responds to attacks.

It is often said the weakest part of the security chain of any business is the staff. Being able to provide your staff with the necessary education to recognise, deter and report any threat is crucial and testing your business against the Red Team framework which uses OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), Social Engineering and virtual and physical intrusions can do just this. The deliverable from the assessment is the multi-vector threat analysis report which like a Penetration Test report, will offer all the expert mitigation and remediation advice required to advise your staff on best practice.

We’ve ticked plenty of boxes here. We’ve improved the security posture of the business, reduced the threat of an attack occurring against the business and educated staff members. However, the most important element of any business is delivering a secure service to your customers, and testing to the level that a Red Team Assessment will provide proves to your supply chain and customers that you’ve taken the necessary precautions to ensure the security of critical assets and data.

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