Pentest People Partners with JUST ONE Tree for a Greener Future

Dan Rycroft

Sales Director

Planting Trees to Combat Climate Change, One Service Day at a Time

In a bid to combat climate change and contribute to a more sustainable future, Pentest People, a leading provider of Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS®) and cybersecurity solutions, has joined forces with the award-winning non-profit social enterprise, JUST ONE Tree . Together, they have launched an ambitious initiative to plant a tree for every professional service day sold throughout October 2023.

Here at Pentest People we have proudly introduced our "One Tree Carbon Offset Program," a strategic initiative aimed at mitigating our corporate carbon footprint. This program signifies our commitment to environmental responsibility, wherein for each penetration test conducted, we undertake the planting of trees to offset associated carbon emissions. This approach represents our dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

A Pioneering Collaboration

Established in 2019, the award-winning non-profit social enterprise has successfully planted a remarkable 3,050,742 trees, restored over 1,561 acres of land, and removed 927,838 tonnes of CO2 emissions since its inception, an impressive track record.

The scope of their work is vast, with projects spanning 11 different countries across five continents. Their approach is strategic, targeting regions with existing infrastructure in impoverished areas. This allows for an efficient and impactful implementation of tree planting initiatives, demonstrating how easy and affordable it can be to make a positive environmental change.

The significance of the One Tree Carbon Offset Program extends beyond tree planting. Concurrently, we are implementing a multifaceted strategy to curtail our overall carbon emissions. This includes advocating vegetarian meal weeks within the office, an initiative to promote sustainable nutritional practices among our extended team. Additionally, we are actively engaged in car share schemes to optimise commuting efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of individual transportation. In addition to driving sustainable dietary practices, we’re also reforming our waste management practises to ensure our protocols for waste disposal reduce the waste going into landfills by achieving best practices for recycling disposable packaging and separation of food waste.

Empowering Communities for a Sustainable Future

JUST ONE Tree's efforts extend beyond reforestation. Through collaborations with individuals, schools, and businesses, they raise crucial funds to support their cause. This collective effort not only aids in climate change mitigation but also brings tangible benefits to the communities involved. Agricultural education and sustainable income opportunities are provided, promising a brighter future for those in need.

Cybersecurity Meets Environmental Responsibility

As October heralds Cyber Security Awareness Month, Pentest People recognises the need to balance the surge in online activity with environmental responsibility. Dan Rycroft, Sales Director for Pentest People, explains, Pentest People is committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our operating method. Partnering with JUST ONE Tree has opened up our eyes to how our company and clients can make a positive impact on societal and environmental challenges while contributing to the paramount issue of our era - climate change."

A Unified Vision for a Sustainable Planet

As we continue to see growing effects of a warming planet Pentest, driven by the consumption of fossil fuels, Pentest People are determined to drive a responsible climate focussed corporate ethos. By amalgamating carbon offset measures with targeted strategies to minimize emissions, we are steadfast in our pursuit of a sustainable, eco-friendly business model.

Amanda Bronkhorst, Founder of JUST ONE Tree, emphasises the significance of this partnership, stating, "At JUST ONE Tree, we take great pride in collaborating with like-minded organisations equally dedicated to safeguarding our planet. We welcome Pentest People into our alliance, who demonstrate their dedication to minimising their carbon footprint and striving to reduce humanity's negative impact on the natural world."

Get Involved

Throughout October 2023, Pentest People's JUST ONE Tree campaign will be in full swing.

For more information, contact their sales team here or call +44 (0)330 311 0990.

To learn more about JUST ONE Tree and their impactful initiatives, visit:

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