Pentest People Achieve CHECK Accreditation

Andrew Mason


Pentest People Achieve CHECK Accreditation

CHECK Accreditation

Pentest People are proud to announce that we have achieved a CHECK Accreditation for Penetration Testing.

CHECK Accreditation service providers are authorised by the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) and can analyse the systems or networks you rely on to carry out your business securely and effectively. They do this by conducting a number of tests designed to identify any weaknesses using publicly known vulnerabilities and common configuration faults.

Any company that gains such status have to go through rigorous standards set by the NCSC. Therefore HMG and CNI customers can be assured that they will receive a high quality service as the test will be carried out under the terms and conditions of CHECK.

Here at Pentest People, we strive to improve our quality of service. CHECK Accreditations such as these are further evidence to our Penetration Testing Methodology and PTaaS (Penetration Testing as a Service)  providing our clients with an excellent & thorough test.

What Does Being Accredited Mean?

Being accredited means an organisation has proven itself as a legitimate establishment in their field. In some fields, such as education, it is not a quick process nor is it an easy process. Strict standards must be met.

Benefits to a Business of Being CHECK Accredited

  1. Streamlined process and increased efficiency
  2. Increased customer trust and recognition
  3. Access to bigger opportunities
  4. A stronger work culture
  5. Overcome common obstacles in modern business

Achieving this status as a CHECK IT Health Check service provider further proves the quality of the testing performed at Pentest People and further enhances the service we provide for our clients.

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