Netwire Attack

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Todays Headline: International law enforcement operation involving the FBI and police agencies worldwide led to the arrest of a suspected administrator of the net remote access Trojan and the seizure of the services domain and hosting server. NetWire was a remote access trojan promoted as a legitimate remote administration tool to manage a Windows computer remotely.

What Happened?

An international law enforcement operation involving the FBI and police agencies from around the world has resulted in the arrest of a suspected administrator responsible for net remote access Trojan (RAT). The suspect was arrested by Bulgarian authorities. The operation also enabled investigators to seize the services domain and hosting server used by the perpetrator.

What is the Aftermath?

The takedown of the net RAT is a major success for international law enforcement, as it disrupted a malicious criminal network and prevented the potential loss of financial data and personal information. By seizing the domain and hosting server, authorities were able to gain access to valuable evidence that could help in further investigations.

What Can People do to Protect Themselves?

To protect oneself from RATs and other malicious attacks, it is important to be aware of the warning signs that indicate a potential threat. These include suspicious emails or websites, unusual activity on your computer or network, and unexpected pop-ups or downloads.

Additionally, people should make sure their computers have the latest security updates installed and use reliable antivirus software. Using two-factor authentication for online accounts and keeping passwords secure are also important steps in preventing malicious attacks.


By staying vigilant and taking the appropriate security measures, people can help ensure that their personal information remains safe. Here at Pentest People, we are actively identifying and mitigating cyber risks in your companies systems to eliminate these threats from your databases. Get in touch today.

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