April – Stress and Mental Health Awareness Month

Kate Watson

Marketing Assistant

Kate is a marketing assistant here at Pentest People, handling the businesses social media and focusing on creating new content for the website and social channels.


April is stress and mental health awareness month; here at Pentest People, we put these things first. Our office environment is relaxed and flexible and caters to everyone working abilities with our office chill-out area and regular well-being walks.

Why are Stress and Mental Health Important?

Stress and mental health are essential for both personal well-being and professional performance. Stress can majorly impact our ability to work productively, leading to feelings of frustration, loss of concentration, burnout or even depression if left unchecked. That’s why we take time out throughout the day to relax and give our minds a break in our chill-out area in the office. We believe in working smarter, not harder.

We also understand that everyone’s stressors and mental health needs are different. That’s why we offer flexible working hours, well-being walks, gym memberships and our health-assured app to ensure our staff have the resources they need to thrive in the workplace.

Post-Pandemic – Why Does The Office Environment, Matter?

During the pandemic, remote working was introduced and continues to be still post-pandemic. However, now life has returned to ‘normal’, reintroducing the office environment is vital for employees’ mental health. At Pentest People, we regularly have work socials for our employees to mix with other departments outside of work at events such as Chowdown and work reward lunches. We believe this creates a friendly and connected team, which benefits work productivity. To add to this, Pentest People encourage gym memberships for employees to benefit their physical health as well as mental health.

In the office, we have trained mental health first aiders for those who need to talk about their struggles or concerns, which is entirely confidential.

Dogs Scientifically Proven to Impact Mental Health Positively

We often have dogs in the office to help our team relax and de-stress. This has been scientifically proven to improve employees’ mental health and productivity. Pentest People love having dogs in the workplace, not only because they make it more flexible for those who own dogs but because they are a great way of getting everyone together during lunch breaks or just passing by.

It’s scientifically proven that dogs help to boost morale, reduce anxiety and help with social interactions.


At Pentest People, we’re dedicated to ensuring our teams have the resources necessary for their mental health and emotional well-being. Our team provides everything we can to ensure each other feels safe and supported within the work environment. Mental Health should be a priority every day.


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