5 Best Tools For AWS Penetration Testing This 2023

Lewis Fairburn

Marketing Manager

What is AWS Penetration Testing?

AWS Penetration Testing is an evaluation of the security posture of a system or application to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited. It helps organisations defend against malicious attacks by identifying misconfigurations, weaknesses, and other threats in their cloud environment.

These Five Tools Provide Comprehensive Support for Penetration Testing on AWS:

  1. Nessus Professional – This powerful tool  provides comprehensive security auditing for any vulnerable virtual or cloud instances. Nessus can detect vulnerabilities in AWS services, including EC2, S3, RDS, and more. It also includes features such as credentialed scanning and password-guessing to further identify potential weaknesses in cloud environments.
  2. Rapid7's Nexpose – This tool is used to scan  and identify potential vulnerabilities in AWS services. It can be used to detect misconfigurations, out-of-date software, and other security issues that could be exploited by attackers.
  3. Qualys Cloud Security Suite – This suite of cloud security solutions provides a full view of an enterprise’s cloud infrastructure and applications. It includes features such as vulnerability management, compliance  assessments, and threat detection.
  4. Tripwire Enterprise – This tool helps organisations detect malicious activity in their AWS environments by monitoring changes to the environment over time. It includes features such as file integrity monitoring and user access control to ensure proper security measures are taken.
  5. Core Security's CORE Insight – This cloud-based vulnerability management solution provides comprehensive visibility into  vulnerabilities in AWS services. It can detect misconfigurations, out-of-date software, and other potential risks.


By leveraging these tools, companies can ensure that their cloud environments are secure and compliant with security best practices. With the right penetration testing strategy in place, organisations can minimise their risk of suffering a data breach or malicious attack. Here at Pentest People, we provide a range of Penetration Testing Services to help your organisation protect their infrastructure and applications. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you secure your AWS environment.

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