2.7 SecurePortal Update: Did You Say Dashboard Widgets?

Harry Alderton

Product & Systems Owner

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Release Notes

  • Overhauled dashboard
  • Improved User Experience 
  • Redesigned User Interface 
  • Modular Dashboard Widgets
  • Improved filtering on widgets
  • Export your data and image of the widget
  • Add and remove widgets to create your own custom dashboard.
  • Improved statistics based upon your organisations current vulnerabilities
  • Minor bug fixes 


The SecurePortal team is thrilled to introduce the revamped dashboard, featuring individual widgets tailored for specific datasets. This update enables users to personalise their dashboards by adding or removing widgets, tailoring their view to display the most relevant information. The modular dashboard widgets offer improved filtering capabilities, empowering users to refine displayed data with precision. Moreover, users can seamlessly export both data and images of each widget for comprehensive reporting and progress visualisation. Furthermore, the refined statistical analysis provides enhanced insights into vulnerability trends over filtered time periods, enabling a deeper understanding of organisational risks based on vulnerability age and identification sources.

Main Content

Introducing the New SecurePortal 2.7: Your Dashboard, Redefined

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the newly reimagined dashboard, designed to revolutionise your SecurePortal experience. This update brings a host of innovative features geared towards personalisation, efficiency, and comprehensive insights, ensuring a user-centric approach to managing your security landscape.

A Personalised View for Enhanced Insights

The revamped dashboard introduces individual widgets tailored to specific datasets, allowing you to curate a personalised view that reflects the most relevant information to you. With the ability to add and remove widgets, tailoring your dashboard has never been easier. This empowers you to create a custom view that aligns perfectly with your priorities, enhancing your decision-making process.

Streamlined Data Visualisation and Export

Embrace the power of simplistic statistical widgets, bidding farewell to cumbersome lists of data. The introduction of these much-needed widgets, informed by extensive user research and feedback, ensures an intuitive and user-centric experience. Moreover, the modular nature of the dashboard widgets offers improved filtering capabilities, allowing you to refine displayed data with precision. What's more, seamless exporting of both data and images of each widget facilitates comprehensive reporting and progress visualisation, empowering you with deeper insights and clarity.

Unprecedented Insights into Organisational Risks

With enhanced statistical analysis providing in-depth insights into vulnerability trends over filtered time periods, you gain a deeper understanding of your organisational risks based on vulnerability age and identification sources. Track the age of vulnerabilities from discovery to resolution, and gain visibility into your company's trending across months or years to ensure a proactive stance against cyber threats.

Empowering Administrators and Users Alike

For administrators, the dashboard offers unprecedented visibility into the full threat landscape, tracking the resolution of vulnerabilities versus those assigned to individuals, fostering greater team progress visibility. This oversight ensures that the most critical vulnerabilities are addressed within suitable timeframes, underscoring our commitment to expediting the remediation process.


The new SecurePortal 2.7 represents a pivotal leap forward in redefining your security management experience. Embrace the power of personalization, streamlined data visualisation, and unparalleled insights into your organisational risks. Say hello to a more intuitive, efficient, and insightful dashboard.

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