2.6.1 SecurePortal Update: No More PDFs

Harry Alderton

Product & Systems Owner

A trusted authority in cybersecurity, our Product & Systems Owner boasts a proven track record in Penetration Testing. Their clear communication empowers teams to take decisive action towards a safer digital environment. Confident, professional, and insightful, they are a valuable asset in today's digital world.

Summary of SecurePortal 2.6.1

SecurePortal, our innovative cybersecurity assessment platform, is now more versatile and user-friendly with significant enhancements. We’ve introduced an Impact and Probability matrix for a nuanced risk evaluation not based on CVSS 3 scores because of  this all assessments are now directly delivered via the portal, eliminating the need for manual PDF reports. Our optimised UI/UX design ensures seamless navigation, particularly for smaller screens, and we’ve boosted loading and searching speeds by over 50%. Experience these benefits-focused updates today for a more efficient and effective cybersecurity assessment.

No More PDF's

As the Product Owner, I’m excited to share the fruits of the SecurePortal Development team’s hard work over the past month. We’ve been relentlessly focused on enhancing your SecurePortal experience, and today, I’m thrilled to announce that our portal is now faster, more intuitive, and more efficient than ever before.

We’ve supercharged SecurePortal with a whopping 50% increase in loading and searching speeds. Say goodbye to long waits when searching for data or filtering results—our lightning-fast initial load times and optimised performance ensure a seamless user experience.

We’ve also revolutionised our user interface, standardising it across the portal for consistency. Whether you’re using a smaller screen or an iPad, you’ll find the portal clearer, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly. We’ve specifically optimised SecurePortal for tablets and surface devices, enhancing clarity, navigation, and ease of viewing assessment reports.

One of our significant enhancements is the introduction of new fields for consultants to provide severities based on impact versus probability where CVSS 3 scores cannot be used. This means we can finally move away from manual PDF reporting. All assessments can now be written directly within the portal, creating a centralised repository for all your assessments and enabling quicker vulnerability management. This not only saves time but also optimises resource utilisation.

From RedTeaming to Web Application testing, all services are now available within the portal. This, combined with our major improvements in loading and searching speeds (over a 50% increase), ensures a swift, smooth, and efficient SecurePortal experience.

Experience the difference today—dive into the new and improved SecurePortal, where innovation meets efficiency.

Release Notes

  • Added additional fields to allow for testing which does not have a severity score based on a CVSS 3 score.
  • New Fields Impact and Probability - impact vs probability matrix creates a severity score.
  • No more PDFs - all Assessments can be delivered through the portal.
  • Improved UI/UX for users on a smaller screen
  • Over 50% Quicker loading and searching speeds.

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