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Take a look at all our security testing services covering Penetration testing, physical security and our Cloud Security Testing.

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The Pentest People Offering

Pentest People are a UK-based cybersecurity consultancy focusing on bringing the benefits of Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) to all its clients.

This innovative approach to website, application and infrastructure security testing combines the benefits of a consultant-led penetration test and vulnerability assurance, through a technologically advanced SecurePortal. Our Penetration testing services provide a live system to our clients through the life of a contract rather than just a single point in time.

We have an array of Penetration Testing Services to suit all businesses


Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Assess and measure your cyber security through Infrastructure Penetration Testing to allow you to manage the identified issues.

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Web Application Penetration Testing

Assess your critical Web Applications for Security Vulnerabilities with our Web Application Penetration Testing Service.

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Social Engineering Assessments

Research, develop and manage an assessment of the security of your people and processes utilising the latest techniques with our social engineering security services..

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VPN Configuration Assessments

Assess the VPN security configuration of your network to ensure a misconfiguration or vulnerability is not allowing external access to your corporate network.

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Firewall Ruleset Reviews

Assess your Firewall Rule Configuration looking for security issues and unnecessary rules that could lead to a breach of your network with a firewall penetration test.

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Network Device Security Reviews

Assess the critical network devices that make up your corporate network looking for software and configuration vulnerabilities.

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Made the move to Cloud? Take a look at our Cloud specific services


MS Cloud Security Review

This review audits your Azure and Office 365 instances to identify misconfigurations, lack of best practices and secure configurations from a ‘Blue Team’ perspective, allowing you to remediate any cloud security vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

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MS Cloud Breach Assessment

The goal of this Microsoft cloud security assessment is to provide insight into the complications and consequences caused by weak security configurations, controls, and password usage.

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MS Cloud Readiness Assessment

This combines both the cloud security assessments to provide the most comprehensive assessment that covers both perspectives — the attacker and the administrator.

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