What is included in PTaaS?

Managed scanning combined with your regular tests allows PTaaS to reduce your window of risk.

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What is Included with Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)?

PTaaS is based on Pentest People consultant-led Penetration Testing services. These services have the results and consultant’s narrative uploaded to the SecurePortal where customers can interact with the findings rather than reading from a very large static report.

Full access to SecurePortal will be made available where customers can look through their sales proposals and project paperwork as well as to interact with and produce static reports of the consultant’s findings.

All Our Penetration Testing Services Utilise PTaaS to Keep You Secure


Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Assess and measure your security posture through Infrastructure Penetration Testing to allow you to manage the identified issues.

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Web Application Penetration Testing

Assess your critical Web Applications for Security Vulnerabilities with a Web Application Penetration Test.

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Social Engineering Assessments

Research, develop and manage an assessment of the security of your people and processes utilising the latest techniques in Penetration Testing.

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VPN Configuration Assessments

Assess the configuration of your VPN Security to ensure a misconfiguration or vulnerability is not allowing external access to your corporate network.

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Firewall Ruleset Reviews

Run a Penetration Test to assess your Firewall Rule Configuration and look for security issues and unnecessary rules that could lead to a breach of your network.

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Network Device Security Reviews

Using a Network Penetration Test to assess critical network devices that make up your corporate network looking for software and configuration vulnerabilities.

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Penetration Test Remediation is often the overlooked part of any Penetration Testing Methodology. Organisations engage with specialist companies to perform Penetration Testing, and the deliverable of this work is usually a report that identifies multiple security vulnerabilities within the organisation’s network and applications.

This Prioritised Remediation Plan can then be implemented by Pentest People, the organisation’s internal staff or the organisation’s incumbent IT provider to ensure that the risk to the business is mitigated.

Pentest People can offer a Remediation Consultancy Service where a specialist consultant manages the report’s findings to create a tailored Prioritised Remediation Plan based on your business requirements and risk of identified issues.

The Benefits of PTaaS

Pentest People is a part of the same technology group of companies as RapidSpike, a market leader in providing advanced monitoring tools to numerous clients worldwide.

Every Pentest People customer will have access to the following tools depending upon the level of service they have acquired.

  • Find
    Find Vulnerabilities faster with constant monitoring and scanning.
  • External Vulnerability Scanning
    Scan the external perimeter of your network through an External Penetration Test to check for any software or configuration vulnerabilities. Perform regular scanning and receive alerts when any vulnerabilities are identified.
  • Port Scanning
    Ensure that your network perimeter is locked down to Hackers by regularly checking the open ports of your public infrastructure.
  • Malicious User Detection
    Receive an early warning of an impending security issue and obtain a list of networks to block to prevent it.
  • JavaScript Security Monitoring
    Receive notifications when the JavaScript on your website or web application changes that could indicate a security threat.
  • SSL Cipher Monitoring
    Ensuring the Integrity of your SSL Certificates by checking all of the ciphers installed and supported on your web server at regular intervals.
  • Google Safe Browsing Monitor
    Ensure that your site has not been compromised and is available to users via the Google search engine.
  • Distribute
    Distribute remediation steps easier with SecurePortal.
  • Synthetic User Journey Monitoring
    Simulate real users from all around the world with our Synthetic Journey monitors. Find out about our Managed Service or our Self-Service User Journeys.
  • Real User Monitoring
    Track real user experience – traffic volume and page load speed – by country, browser & device.
  • Intelligent Page Monitors
    Monitor your page from a variety of world-wide locations, tracking performance by downloading the page resources and measuring their speed.
  • Manage
    Manage the remediation steps easier with consultant led support a digital management system.
  • Uptime Monitoring
    Reliable and constant uptime monitoring for your entire platform – from server level to individual website pages.
  • API Monitoring
    Monitor your API endpoints using our HTTP POST monitor, capable of sending a request body and matching the response against an expected value.
  • Fix
    Fix Vulnerabilities sooner with PTaaS and its 24/7 watchdog approach.
  • Domain Name Monitoring
    Monitor for the expiry of your domain names, protect against Domain Hijacking and ensure you are notified of any changes to your WHOIS records.
  • SSL Certificate Monitoring
    Get notified when close to expiry as well as if any changes occur to your SSL Certificate.
  • HTTPS Redirect Monitoring
    Avoid losing traffic and damaging your business reputation by ensuring your domain redirection is configured properly.

Key Benefits of Penetration Testing as a Service

  • Benefit from continuous Security Monitoring and TestingImprove your security posture, allowing you to reduce the threat of a cyber attack occurring against your business
  • Monitor aspects of your digital world you never thought important
  • Reduce your threat window with regular Vulnerability Scanning and ongoing Security Monitoring
  • Stay one step ahead of emerging risks and threats
  • Leverage the included toolset helping you to do more with less spend
  • Use SecurePortal to save time and join the dots across your digital assets

Asked Questions

PTaaS contains a Penetration Test but also provides access to an array of tools that include Vulnerability Scanning and Advanced Security Monitoring.