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Pentest People are actively involved with current cybersecurity affairs and encourage consultants to give comment on meaningful articles. While also being highlighted for many of our own accomplishments.

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In the News

Pentest People encourage all our team and consultants to engage with current and important cybersecurity-related events. Allowing them to broadcast their knowledge and experience with the greater community.

As a company, Pentest People are dedicated to investing time in our staff to let them pursue topics of their choice, both to increase their own reputation and to help give advice and information to the public.

While our security consultants are helping the community through their involvement in news articles and current affairs, Pentest People also have a range of achievements highlighted by members of the media community. We take pride in our success and the success of the team, making sure all coverage is viewable here on the company website.

Archived News Articles

Pentest People consultants are always using their knowledge and experience to comment on current cyber affairs, giving sound and reasonable advice where needed. Take a look through a range of articles featuring Pentest People and our consultants.

Below are some of the recent mentions including Pentest People.


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