My Journey From Apprentice to Team Leader

Article by • February 8, 2023

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My Journey From Apprentice to Team Leader

In light of National Apprenticeship Week, Liam, one of our Consultant Team Leaders here at Pentest People, takes us through his career journey from school to where he is now. Liam came from school to full time work through an apprenticeship and continued to work his way up at the company. Here’s a few words he had to say:

“I started off, you know, tracking websites, hacking testing websites, testing websites, then went on to like build cloud and red teaming, and you do a whole host of testing types, and apprenticeship, the apprenticeship really helped me get where I am today. If I’d been at university I would have left about six months ago, and certainly wouldn’t be standing here talking to you about all the cool hacking stuff that I’ve got to do over the past couple of years.”

A lot of students say “I’ll do an apprenticeship, they are easy” they are not. And now, it’s a lot more competitive, and there’s loads more opportunities. Lots more companies are accepting apprentices, they are starting to see the value in building somebody from scratch. So they can teach them how things work in the real world not by textbook, which is and becomes incredibly valuable, especially at a practical subjects, which Penetration Testing very much is.”

To listen to more of Liams story, check out our video below.


Liam is one of the senior consultants at Pentest People, with a wide range of skills and experience from Web Applications to Social Engineering he's able to give great comments and opinions on cybersecurity matters.