Microsoft Cloud Breach Assessment

Let Pentest People review your cloud security posture through a consultant led practical. Compromising your accounts using current practices to highlight errors in your cloud structure.

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Microsoft Cloud Breach Assessment

Today’s technology is rapidly adopting cloud technology to assist organisations in moving to a cloud-based or hybrid infrastructure to provide flexible, redundant and cost-effective computing on an enterprise level. The main issues associated with this technology is its inherent availability and default configuration, which is often exploited by attackers as they can easily access and attack these services with little risk of identification. A compromised account could prove fatal for most organisations as attackers could access resources located in the cloud, and internal resources in hybrid environments.

Pentest People’s Microsoft (MS) Cloud Breach Assessment service is similar to our MS Cloud Security Review assessment; the main difference is our approach to the testing.  Instead of reviewing the configuration, we identify the vulnerabilities with practical exploitation from the perspective of a compromised account. The goal of this assessment is to provide insight into the complications and consequences caused by weak security configurations, controls, and password usage. The test can be conducted with multiple accounts that represent different departments to cover all access levels.


Interact with your Security Report via the SecurePortal rather than an outdated paper report.


Stay ahead of emerging threats against Cloud Infrastructures by ensuring your platform follows best practices


Rest assured that your assessments are performed by qualified Security Consultants.

Pentest People’s technical approach to each infrastructure may be very different. However, there are certain fundamental areas that are examined: 


Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

The Microsoft Cloud Security Review has a strong focus on publicly available information that could be leveraged in targeted attacks. Information such as links to cloud resources, document metadata, email addresses, and leaked credentials, are gathered to identify common and applicable attacks from unauthenticated attackers.

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Azure & Office 365 Security Assessment

The Office 365 and Azure instances are thoroughly tested using one or more domain user accounts to find exploitable vulnerabilities, which could lead to (but not limited to) data infiltration and exfiltration, privilege escalation and entity creation. This assessment aims to demonstrate what could happen if a domain user was compromised.

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What Are The Risks?

Due to the rapid adoption of Microsoft’s cloud services, many companies that have embraced this technology are facing new and old cyber risks that can lead to the compromise of customer-owned cloud platforms, and on-premise infrastructures with hybrid cloud setups. All of which can have devastating consequences to any organisation.

How Can We Help?

Our cloud trained consultants will identify vulnerabilities with practical exploitation of a compromised account. This test will give insight into your faulty configurations, controls and poor password usage. Our highly trained consultants can perform the test on multiple accounts to cover all access levels.

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Key Benefits

Understand the security issues you face within a cloud network through a very thorough assessment from a qualified security consultant.

  • Assurance that your cloud infrastructures and services are secure enough to withstand cloud-based attacks
  • Ensuring sufficient logging and controls are in place to mitigate these attacks.
  • Comply with various regulatory bodies who mandate regular Penetration Testing be performed within your infrastructure
  • Be able to focus efforts on important security issues by identifying the high-risk items identified in the Penetration Testing report