Managed Vulnerability

Let Pentest People proactively identify security
vulnerabilities through managed scanning.

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Introducing Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Managed Vulnerability Scanning is an important service for businesses of all sizes. By regularly assessing your organisation’s digital infrastructure for potential weaknesses, you can help protect against cyberattacks and data breaches.

Pentest People’s Managed Vulnerability Scanning Service combines the latest vulnerability scanning tools and experienced security consultants to proactively inspect your network/applications and systems to provide the insight and guidance needed to address security weaknesses.

Our Managed Vulnerability Scanning Service can help businesses save time and resources, while also providing peace of mind that their digital infrastructure is being constantly monitored for potential threats.

Manage Your Vulnerability Scans Directly From SecurePortal

Our Managed Vulnerability Scanning service is accessible through SecurePortal. Allowing you to easily assign scans on any networks/systems or applications. Monitor their discoveries as they happen.

Every scan will be reviewed by a Pentest People security consultant, followed by remediation advice for any vulnerabilities discovered.

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Monitor Your Vulnerability Scans With Our New Vulnerability Timeline

Regardless of how many individual scans you have active, our vulnerability timeline will highlight any discoveries from any scan or test as its discovered.

The timeline comes with both an assigned and resolved widget, allowing you to manage your active vulnerabilities and keep on top of remediation.

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Vulnerability Scanning Methodology

Take a look at the fundamental steps in our Managed Vulnerability Scanning Service:

  • Scanner Configuration
    Pentest People’s consultants will install, configure, and remotely access the vulnerability scanner, create appropriate scanning profiles for the client’s environment, and schedule scans to run regularly as required.
  • Manual Inspection of Results
    Once scans are complete, Pentest People’s consultants will download the results, liaise with the client’s technical team, and interpret the results in the context of the client’s environment.
  • Network Infrastructure Configuration
    The network infrastructure will be examined using topology diagrams, the results of the port and vulnerability scans, and discussions with the client. Issues such as insecure network management protocols, overly permissive firewall rules, and lack of segmentation are highlighted at this stage.
  • Report Writing
    A management summary report is written, focusing on the most significant findings of the scanning and presenting them to both non-technical and technical audiences.
  • Trend Analysis
    Pentest People’s consultants will compare each set of results with those identified previously, ensuring that consecutive scanning results provide trend analysis, ideally showing the quantity of vulnerabilities reducing over time.

How Does Our Managed Vulnerability Scanning Service Work?

Pentest People’s Managed Vulnerability Scanning service provides the benefits of automated and regular testing, with the added value of an experienced security consultant interpreting the results.

The vulnerabilities are examined in the context of your environment, reclassified as necessary, and comments added to help you understand the security issues and where to focus your efforts. This service can be performed using already installed solutions, or Pentest People’s consultants can install the scanning solution within your network.

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All Your Data From the Managed Scanning Service will be Visible in Your SecurePortal


Live Vulnerability Dashboard

SecurePortal provides a single dashboard view of all of the vulnerabilities highlighted in our Penetration Testing Services across your infrastructure.

Receive overview and trend data of all of the current security issues you face in your organisation. Receive useful trend information such as the top vulnerable hosts, and the most common vulnerabilities within your infrastructure.


Helping you Engage with Pentest People

Customers are introduced to SecurePortal early in the sales process and all sales proposals are accessed and downloaded securely through the SecurePortal.

Once the agreement to proceed has been made, all of the project management tasks associated with our various Penetration Testing services are performed on the SecurePortal using various secure web-based forms rather than relying on the unsecured emailing of various documents.


Helping you Manage your Vulnerabilities

Until now, the traditional deliverable from a Penetration Test engagement has been a lengthy report. This is usually provided in a PDF file format and can run into the hundreds of pages.

Pentest People have developed a solution to this issue where you interact with your vulnerabilities within the SecurePortal. This allows you to quickly search for vulnerabilities rather than scanning through a lengthy document.

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Key Benefits

  • Stay ahead of cyberattacks: By regularly scanning for vulnerabilities, businesses can help protect themselves against potential attacks.
  • Identifies weak points in digital infrastructure: Vulnerability scans can help businesses identify weak points in their systems, networks, and applications. This information can then be used to make improvements and better secure the infrastructure.
  • Saves time and resources: Managed vulnerability scanning services can help businesses save time and resources by outsourcing this critical task.
  • Peace of mind: Managed vulnerability scanning services can provide peace of mind that your digital infrastructure is being constantly monitored for potential threats.