Firewall Ruleset Review

Assess your Firewall Rule Configuration looking for security issues and unnecessary rules that could lead to a breach of your network.

Receive detailed security metrics and trends about all your hosts and risks through the SecurePortal.

SecurePortal allows you to access all your vulnerability data in a secure single platform.

Interact with your Security Report via the SecurePortal rather than an outdated paper report.

Firewall Ruleset Review

A Pentest People consultant led Firewall Ruleset Review provides a thorough and independent examination of your firewall configuration with the aim of discovering issues that could leave your network vulnerable to a security breach.

These issues may include problems due to overly permissive rules, historic rules, badly configured rules or rules that have been added to provide a workaround that now should be removed. Firewalls evolve over time and procuring a regular rule-set review provides you with the peace of mind that your firewall is continuing to operate as intended.

What are the risks?

A Firewall device acts as the gatekeeper to the corporate network and often is the first and last form of defence for most organisations who do not employ a multi-layer of security. An incorrectly configured firewall or one that exhibits a software vulnerability due to lack of patching can seriously affect the security posture of your organisation and allow a hacker total access to the corporate network.

How can we help?

Pentest People can perform a full Firewall Ruleset Review of all of your external facing Firewall infrastructure. One of our qualified consultants will use industry leading techniques to identify and assess the configuration of the Firewall, looking for any weaknesses that may lead to compromise.

The service would be delivered as part of the Pentest People Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) and full access to the SecurePortal and other complementary tools would be provided.

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Firewall Ruleset Review

Key Benefits

  • Identify Security Vulnerabilities within your Firewall Configuration allowing you to proactively remediate any issues that arise
  • Improve your security posture, allowing you to reduce the threat of a cyber attack occurring against your business
  • Comply with various regulatory bodies who mandate regular Network Security Testing be performed within your infrastructure
  • Be able to prove to your supply chain that you are taking the necessary precautions to ensure your strong security posture
  • Be able to focus efforts on important security issues by identifying the high-risk items identified in the Firewall Testing report

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Firewall Ruleset Review?

    A Firewall Ruleset Review is a full assessment of the configuration of your firewall. The Pentest People consultant will take the Firewall configuration and assess it for many well-known security issues. A full report of the findings will be made available to the customer through the SecurePortal.

  • What types of Firewalls can you review?

    We can assess the configurations of all major Firewall vendors. If you want to check if we can assess your Firewall then please get in touch with us and we will be happy to confirm this.

  • My Firewall is managed by a third party, can you still perform the review?

    Absolutely! If your firewall is managed by a third party we have found this is an even stronger case to perform this type of review to ensure that you are receiving a secure level of service that is protecting your core network infrastructure. 

  • What is the deliverable from the service?

    The deliverable from this service is a full Firewall Ruleset Report that is uploaded to our SecurePortal and available for you to interact with.

    This differs from the competition in the way this is delivered and we believe this is a much clearer way to work with an manage the results of the assessment.