Cyber Hack: iPhone Theft

Article by • March 10, 2023

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Cyber Hack: iPhone Theft

This blog is about the most recent iPhone theft that left users unable to access their Apple ID accounts when their iPhone had been stolen.

As you may know, Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad store sensitive information, including passwords, account credentials, and login details. This makes them especially vulnerable to cybercrime, since if the device is stolen or hacked into, your confidential information can be exposed.

What Happened?

The Wall Street Journal interviewed Ray Haneya’s who was leaving a bar in Manhattan when a man she had just met snatched her iPhone within minutes, she could no longer access her Apple accounts over the next 24 hours. She said thousands of dollars had gone from her bank account.

According to Haneya, the thief had discovered a way to cyber hack into her Apple ID and take control of her Apple accounts. He was using the stolen iPhone as a “key” to unlock all of her personal information.

This incident and recent reports on other similar cyber hacks have prompted Apple to change its security measures. Apple now requires two-factor authentication for all users in order to access their devices and accounts, making sure that the user is the only one who can gain access to their information. In addition, Apple is currently working on developing an updated version of its Find My iPhone app which will allow you to remotely delete data from a stolen device.


These recent cyber hacks have highlighted the importance of staying vigilant when it comes to securing your personal information. It is essential that you take measures such as enabling two-factor authentication, setting up strong passwords, and invest in your security by having regular Web Application Tests.

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