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We have an array of Penetration Testing Services to suit all businesses


Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Assess and measure your security posture through Infrastructure Penetration Testing to allow you to manage the identified issues.


Web Application Penetration Testing

Assess your critical Web Applications for Security Vulnerabilities with a Web Application Penetration Test.

Social Engineering Assessment

Research, develop and manage an assessment of the security of your people and processes utilising the latest techniques.


Cloud Service Penetration Testing

Ensure your cloud environments are configured to withstand cyber attacks with our range of cloud specific assessments.

The all-new SecureGateway allows
Pentest People to test remotely


With current affairs causing many businesses to adjust their working arrangements, we wanted to assure you that for us it’s simply business as usual. Pentest People now allow remote testing via the use of SecureGateway.

The SecureGateway appliance is a small but powerful remote access server that allows Pentest People consultants to perform their assessment remotely. Its small form factor is convenient for transportation to client locations, and its automated processes do not require any configuration by the client. All that is required is a standard 10/100/1000 Ethernet port and a DHCP server to allocate an IP address.

Once attached to the client’s network, the device establishes a secure encrypted connection to Pentest People’s ISO/27001 accredited Security Operation Centre, whilst introducing minimal risk to the client’s internal or external infrastructure.

If you would like to learn more about remote testing via SecureGateway please get in touch.

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