Welcome to Pentest People!

Article by • December 19, 2017

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Welcome to Pentest People!

Introduction To Pentest People Blogs

Just a quick introductory blog post to kick off the Pentest People blog!

We have just launched Pentest People and although we are no strangers to the business of Information Security, we are aiming to offer some innovative solutions that we believe will change the current marketplace. We are building on our years of experience of what customers want to remove some of the painful barriers to engaging in, and receiving information back from a Penetration Test.

Over the coming months, we will be launching many new features as we develop further security tools both within SecurePortal and also the Advanced Monitoring Tools we offer through RapidSpike.

We are launching with Penetration Testing as a Service which is a new blended security offering combining the best of consultant-led manual testing with regular Vulnerability Assessments and ongoing Security Monitoring.

From our launch we are offering the following Penetration Testing services:

Infrastructure Penetration Testing
Assess and measure your security posture through Infrastructure Penetration Testing to allow you to manage the identified issues.

Web Application Penetration Testing
Assess your critical Web Applications for Security Vulnerabilities with a Web Application Penetration Test.

Social Engineering Assessments
Research, develop and manage an assessment of the security of your people and processes utilising the latest techniques.

VPN Configuration Assessments
Assess the security configuration of your VPN to ensure a misconfiguration or vulnerability is not allowing external access to your corporate network.

Firewall Ruleset Reviews
Assess your Firewall Rule Configuration looking for security issues and unnecessary rules that could lead to a breach of your network.

Network Device Security Reviews
Assess the critical network devices that make up your corporate network looking for software and configuration vulnerabilities.

We are really excited to be back!

Looking to enquire about any of our services?

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Andrew is one of the co-founders of Pentest People. He is a veteran of the Cybersecurity industry with many years of experience in building and running Security focussed businesses.