Security Research

Pentest People are actively involved in Security Research in order to help the wider community to reduce their risk from cyber-based attacks.

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Security Research

Pentest People are very active in the security marketplace and research to further advance our knowledge of the industry is one of the companies core values.

As a company, we are dedicated to investing time in our staff to let them research security topics of their choice, both to further their own knowledge and to help advance the field of Information Security.

We encourage all staff to get involved in security testing against responsibility disclosure policies and also constantly test the systems of ourselves and our partners.

The Pentest People Open Source Initiative promotes innovation from within and helps our staff dedicate time to the ideation of new security tools that we can release as open-source that help the wider marketplace in reducing their risk from cyber-based attacks.

Responsible Disclosures

As part of the Security Research performed by the Pentest People Security Consultants, we actively encourage and reward staff for participating in Responsible Disclosure programmes with other online businesses.

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