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Risks of Remote Working

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Assess the security of your remote working solution, ensuring that configuration issues are not exposing you to unauthorised users

Why do I need a Security Assessment?

With current affairs causing many businesses to set up remote working arrangements such as VPNs, remote email access portals, document shares etc., there becomes an all new risk. With so many different solutions and possible configurations, there is the risk of a software or configuration issue introducing a vulnerability that could be exploited by a remote attacker.

Pentest People have built a Remote Working Security Assessment service that is tailored around the unique needs of each client so you can be assured that you are not opening up your corporate network to further risks.

What are the Benefits of a Remote Working Security Assessment?


Identify Errors in Your Software/Configuration

Identify software or configuration issues affecting your remote working solution that could be exploited by an attacker.


Reduce the Risk of Data Exposure

Reduce the risk of sensitive data exposure by hardening the security of a very common remote attack vector.

Meet the Requirements of Compliance Standards

Meet the requirements of many compliance standards by performing a security assessment of your remote access solution.

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