Registration for the Pentest People ‘The Pentest Crowd’. A casual conversation that provides you with the information you want to know! Some of our top consultants, will be live talking all things cyber security; their experiences and their advice to anyone who is interested in the industry.

January 8th 2021 – 12:30pm

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3 Key Topics

Every session will include 5/10 minutes on 3 specific topics, ranging from web app vulnerabilities to Ransomware attack scenarios from 3 of our own experienced consultants.



We’re here for you, that doesn’t just mean during tests. For these sessions our consultants will answer any questions you have, offering their expertise.

News Stories

We’ll take a look at the news stories effecting the industry each month. Giving our comment on any breaches or cyber attacks as well as advise on how to prevent.

Its All Free

Whether you’re a current client or someone interested in registration, this reoccurring event is completely free. Take the most of our experience in the industry and learn away!

Happy Clients

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