Pentest People: Health and Wellness Support

Article by • April 11, 2022

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Pentest People: Health and Wellness Support

Did you know that one in six people experience a mental health problem each year in the workplace? This statistic suggests that at least 16 people a year at Pentest People will suffer from a mental health condition.

Pentest People Invests in Health Assured

Here at Pentest People, we are all about the people (it’s in the name!). We believe in a healthy mind, and a healthy lifestyle, especially after the last few years, we believe all workers should have the health and wellness support they need at work. Pentest People have invested in Health Assured, which is a 24 hour, 365 days a year, mental health service app for all our workers (remote and hybrid) to access whenever they need to; this includes all mental health support, financial worries and trauma management. This app is completely confidential and used either through; Telephone counselling or Secure chat counselling, which then leads to five free counselling sessions paid for by the business.

As well as confidential mental health support externally, located in the office we have over five mental health trained first aiders, for workers to speak to internally if they need help or support with any worries.

Employee Benefits

We always want our workers to feel their best, so alongside the mental health HA app, we also have a flexible gym membership of choice to benefit our worker’s physical health as well as their mental health, this can be used through lunchtimes or outside of work.

Another employee benefit we encourage is flexible working hours throughout the week to contribute to a positive work-life balance for all our staff. As a business, we understand people’s personal commitments as well as the staff who are located in other cities, who come into the office.

Being a sociable workforce, we offer our workers a ‘fun budget’ which is used every month for frequent outings, office brunches, breakfast treats and social events as well as provided food in the office for those who come in.

Car allowances/leases are also available to workers to make travelling easier, as well as offering a ‘Bike2 work scheme’ for the wider team.

Remote Workers Benefits

For remote workers, we send seasonal hampers, gift cards and other employee rewards, as well as encourage them to join in on socials when possible, expensing hotels and travel for them where needed.

Team quizzes are always accessible over zoom for those who are at home and want to take part. These are often promoted on event days such as Red Nose Day and Children In Need.

In addition to getting the option to work from home, we encourage hybrid working, so workers can experience the relaxed working atmosphere in both our offices: Leeds and Cheltenham.

To Summarise

Pentest People are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment for all of our employees. Every month, we encourage all our staff to take part in a survey about the work-life culture and what can be improved for their benefit. We work on these improvements every month, to constantly better our workforce and the office environment for our workers.

Healthy mind, healthy body, happy staff!


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