Pentest People – Cyber Essentials Certification

Article by • February 27, 2018

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Pentest People – Cyber Essentials Certification

Pentest People are proud to announce another recently achieved Cyber Essentials Certification that will help them deliver more innovative services and help keep their customers secure.

Pentest People are now a Cyber Essentials Certification Body.

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government led and industry-backed scheme that helps organisations protect themselves against common cyber-security threats by assessing the implementation of five security focussed technical controls.

These are:

  1. Use a firewall to secure your Internet connection
  2. Choose the most secure settings for your devices and software
  3. Control who has access to your data and services
  4. Protect yourself from viruses and other malware
  5. Keep your devices and software up to date

Why does your Business need Cyber Essentials?

Businesses need Cyber Essentials to have the benefits of the following controls; the first control is to protect your devices and data. This includes things like installing anti-virus software and using firewalls.

The second control is to control access to your systems. This means having strong passwords and restricting who can access certain parts of your network to avoid data leaks.

The third control is to keep your systems up to date, for example any software or databases.

Benefits of having Cyber Essentials:

  • Protect against approximately 80% of cyber attacks.
  • Work with the UK government and MoD.
  • Demonstrate security and help secure the supply chain.
  • Increase your chances of securing business.

What do Pentest People offer?

Pentest People are a Cyber Essentials Certifying Body and can perform and accredit you to both stages of Cyber Essentials. As well as the certification, Pentest People can also offer consultancy services including a GAP analysis against the 5 technical controls to ensure that you have adequate controls in place before you undertake a paid assessment.

More information on the Pentest People Cyber Essentials service can be found here.

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Andrew is one of the co-founders of Pentest People. He is a veteran of the Cybersecurity industry with many years of experience in building and running Security focussed businesses.