The Cloud & Cyber Security Expo 2020 – Excel

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The Cloud & Cyber Security Expo wasn’t off to the best of start with the coronavirus issue seeing a big drop in possible attendees. With 45,000 visitor  badges downloaded, it was expected only 15,000 would actually turn up. But we’re never pessimists so we got to London bright and early Tuesday morning after one of our members had already set up the stand & after a few hours the Excel Theatre was full of life!

Our primary goal at every event is to meet and speak to as many people as we can, making sure everyone is able to learn all about PTaaS (Penetration Testing as a Service) and see the benefits of our SecurePortal. Throughout every event we get the chance to meet possible partners as well as new clients, which is why we always take a full sales team so visitors will be able to see the people who’ll take them through their journey with Pentest People.

As the day went on it really begun to pick up, with every member of the team heavy in discussion with possible new clients, at every event one of things we always look out for is new talent, with such a big cybersecurity event you get a great amount of young minds attending on the hunt for a new career. Some of the team met groups of post grads all eager at a penetration testing job roles as well as a range of younger individuals looking at any chance to jump on the ladder. We’ve already seen multiple CV’s through since the event close on Thursday and are ready to add some new members to the team.


The Cloud & Cyber Security Expo had us fully engaged with members of the public as well as other exhibitors, discussing general ideas, the latest in cybersecurity technology and of course what it is we offer, both days saw a great turnout despite the coronavirus worries (clearly cybersecurity is too interesting to stop the public attendance!) and the team had a brilliant two days throughout their stay in London. Now we’re home we’ll be looking back through all our leads and getting back in touch with those we met at the show to start new relationships whether client or partner based.

We’ll look forward to our next big event of the year…….CYBERUK!