Securing the Law Firm Special Session 

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Securing the Law Firm Special Session

Pentest People are one of the proud networking sponsors for ‘Securing the Law Firm Special Session‘. If you’ve not heard of the e-crime & cybersecurity congress they hold events all over the world that help different industries adapt against the threats and questions cybersecurity has on businesses.



This special session will cover an extensive set of questions specifically for law firms:

Building the minimum viable security framework
Given the rising price of effective cybersecurity, where should law firms focus their spend?

Law firm CISOs have no shortage of potential cybersecurity priorities.

  • They can break the problem down into broad functional areas: discovery, investigation, containment, recovery.
  • They can guesstimate an 80:20 rule to prioritise particular technologies based on risk types: identity and access management, advanced perimeter defences, or new endpoint protection technologies.
  • They can prioritise according to the current level and type of threats versus their vulnerabilities, including focusing on internal, human issues rather than external actors.
  • They can build a process based on choices between on-premises, cloud or fully outsourced, or based on their view of the best operational structures.
  • They may decide that cost reduction should motivate their choices and so focus on technologies that remove costs, such as AI and automation.
  • Or they may take the pragmatic view, and simply start with the legally mandated level of reasonably cybersecurity (where one exists) and failing that, simply ensure compliance with the relevant regulations.

The sheer number of ways it is possible to look at and break down the problem of cybersecurity, let alone hire the right talent and buy the right technologies, highlights the complexity of the problem.

Add in questions about matching risks to overall spend – thereby looking at risk appetite/tolerance, ROI, and the senior management issues around these – and the problems multiply.

With most law firms now committed to implementing effective cybersecurity, how can CISOs decide what structures and solutions are the best match for their particular organisation?

Given the complexity of international legal practices, do the normal rules of cybersecurity apply to these unusual firms?

And what lessons can legal CISOs learn from their colleagues in industries beyond the legal sector?

Securing The Law Firm will cover these and other key subjects for its audience of professionals tasked with safeguarding digital assets and sensitive data. There will be real-life case studies, strategic talks, and technical break-out sessions from security teams behind some of the world’s most admired brands, who know, just like you, that security is now more important to business than ever.

Not only will we be sponsoring the event but members of our team will be setting up in the exhibition area to speak to attendees about the way Pentest People can help keep your business ahead of the ever-growing cyber threat. Please take the opportunity to speak with our expert staff on any queries or company issues you may have regarding your security structure and we can assure you we’ll have a service to battle the problem.

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