One of our Managing Consultants for Web Application Testing was lucky enough to receive invitation to speak at the DSS ITSEC. Delivering his ‘Spearphishing: Linkedin to Loggedin‘ which covered a multitude of cyber security relevant topics such as the psychology of hacking and social engineering, brute force, multi-factor authentication and how to exploit these systems and gain access to individuals accounts.

DSS ITSEC is an annual vendor-independent cybersecurity conference that gathers together industry’s leading voices and brands – since 2010 this conference has grown and strengthened ties between top IT security professionals, leading IT companies and government officials to initially ensure Baltic sea regions security and to raise cybersecurity awareness through all private and public sectors.

Alex was privileged to receive the offer and it was great to see him speak in front of some highly experienced and knowledgable members of the industry. His talk went down well and will be the final time it’s presented, he now looks at focusing on even more modern and relevant topics from his day-to-day Web App testing role.