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September 8, 2020

Breaking Into Cyber Security

This blog provides insight into the common traits seen in security consultants that have written strong CVs, stood out in interviews, and quickly built successful careers in the Cyber Security industry.

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May 27, 2020

A Developers Guide to Remote Working

In these crazy times everyone is adapting, some jobs make for easier remote working than others but what about a developer? This week Jason talks you through a ‘Developers Guide to Remote Working’.

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March 30, 2020

A Working From Home – Pentest People Guide

Working From Home isn’t something we’re all used too. There’s new security issues that come to light during remote working. This week we’ll talk through the major issues faced with home working and how to be vigilant against cybercriminal activity.

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February 10, 2020

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing can cover a multitude of platforms, but what is it? And why should most businesses in this day and age regularly have tests? In this blog our managing consultant Alex will answer all those questions.

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